10x12x9.5 storage shed in wood, our Potomac gable style.
The carpenters shed
8x10x9 Potomac Wood
This homeowner has some serious woodworking tools. Now they need a shed to make room in their garage for more. Their two daughters use their skills to produce amazing craft projects. The daughters, one who wants to be a carpenter, even helped Dad paint the shed this beautiful navy blue.

They waited for these elegant custom 4 1/2' fiberglass French doors with transom windows to arrive to add style to their shed and let in some light.  
We left the interior clean for him to put his carpentry skills to work. We added our simple "tool rack" to store garden tools, maximizing the space between the 2x4 wall studs.

Another Marine family. Thank you for your service. Semper Fi.
Back and side view of a storage shed to be used as a backboard for playing basketball.
Interior shelving and storage for garden tools in a 10x12x9.5 shed.
Interior shelving in a 10x12x9.5 storage shed.