16x10x9.5 arts and crafts studio shed with a beautiful 3 color paint theme. This is our cottage style Elite design.
The Ultimate Craft Shed 
16x10x9.5 Elite Wood
Choosing one of our wooden sheds allowed this homeowner to get creative. Clearly an artist, she highlighted the doors in white with a light blue background, a perfect contrast to the soft gray exterior. The windows are accented with dark blue custom shutters. Beautiful landscaping, lace curtains, solar lights, and a very unique weather vane complete the design.
This shed includes standard 4' French doors, 2 optional windows, octagon vents and a ramp.
Close up of lace curtained window and special order shutters and cellular lights for a 16x10x9.6 shed.
A customized weather vane for a 16x10x9.5 Five Star Shed.
16x10x9.5 arts and crafts shed before painting.