10x12x9.5 storage shed in wood, our Potomac gable style.
Oasis in the Country
10x8x9 Elite Vinyl Shed
Moving back to Virginia from upstate New York, this homeowner purchased a huge lot and fulfilled a dream of planting a yard full of beautiful trees. We built for them 19 years ago in Manassas, and we're glad they are back in the area  and remembered us.

They added an extra 2 1/2' fiberglass door in the front to enhance the view from their house. The standard double doors, also fiberglass, were placed on the side to allow convenient access for their riding lawn mover (certainly needed for this amazing yard).  
We added a few customized shelves and our simple "tool rack" to store garden tools, maximizing the space between the 2x4 wall studs.
Back and side view of a storage shed to be used as a backboard for playing basketball.
Interior shelving and storage for garden tools in a 10x12x9.5 shed.
Interior shelving in a 10x12x9.5 storage shed.