10x12x9.5 storage shed in wood, our Potomac gable style.
A sidewall perfect for basketball!
10x12x9.5 Potomac Wood
First comes the shed, then a basketball hoop. The sidewall will serve as a perfect rebounding surface for the homeowner's son to sharpen his basketball skills.

Offsetting the 4' French doors allows room for a  window away from possible basketball damage, and one in the back to allow for light. 
Both windows are 24"x36" ThermaStar by Pella. Also added extra is a 4' wide ramp.   
We added a simple solution to store garden tools to maximize the space between the 2x4 wall studs.
Back and side view of a storage shed to be used as a backboard for playing basketball.
Interior shelving and storage for garden tools in a 10x12x9.5 shed.
Interior shelving in a 10x12x9.5 storage shed.